The classic online game of Raging Rhino is now even more fun than ever before in Raging Rhino Rage! This exciting online game keeps the excitement of the classic Raging Rhino with over 4,000 possible ways to score big. This exciting new game adds a brand new Mega Play function which awards extra playing reels after you have reached a certain amount of money in your bank roll. In addition, you will find several cool game bundles and other free bonuses available only for purchasing this game. So what are you waiting for?

The colorful, happy looking African Savanna animals are once again roaming the game world as they are featured as new icons on this popular icon pack. Each icon represents one of the four wild animals found in Africa: the lion, the leopard, the buffalo and the elephant. The exciting new icons for the Facebook version of Raging Rhino Rage include the woolly mammoth, the flying alligator and the vicious alligator! Some of these animals are already familiar to Facebook users as they are featured as virtual friends on the Facebook version of Facebook: they include the red panda and the blue penguin.

There are many different kinds of achievements for this exciting new version of Raging Rhino. For example, to earn the ” PRO” level you will need to actually play the game for a minimum of four hours. When you reach this level you will unlock a special icon which symbolizes your status as a “Pro”! The icons give you progressive jackpots of over 4,089 coins each! You will need to be aware that to earn a “Pro” level you will need to play for at least four hours.

One of the most popular types of games that are now available on Facebook are the ones with animals. This includes the wildly popular “Angry Birds” game and the hugely popular ” Doodle Jump” game. In the case of the latter, the game is set in an African jungle where animals are roaring and crying while a mysterious and powerful wind blows. Your objective in this game is to jump from platform to platform avoiding danger and falling down a number of times. This is an exciting game that anyone can enjoy. If you like animals then the online slots game Raging rhino is an excellent choice as it takes you directly into the exciting world of wild African animals.

The original game has a lot of symbols involved but the latest version has taken things up a notch! There is now a wild symbol found every time you place a bet that will spin, providing the required boost to your score. Each time you place a bet, the diamond shape begins to rotate until eventually it reaches a point at which it will no longer spin. At this point, the wild symbol will turn into a real diamond and you can then bet that you have captured a wild symbol.

This is a terrific game and it provides the kind of thrill and satisfaction that many people crave when they play online games. It provides them with a sense of achievement and they will feel a sense of accomplishment every time they receive a payout for their winnings. With the expanding reels feature, you can bet a certain number of times and rotate your diamond symbol any number of times to earn cash and bonuses. You can also rotate other symbols as well to earn even more cash. This is a game that is easy to get started playing and it is definitely worth taking a look.

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