Queen of the castle is a medium to high variation slot machine from NextGen Gaming that has 576 different ways to win, up to five reels and pays a maximum non-reward jackpot of $3,087. It s also played on a triple-spinning, single-sided, non-replayable reel. The highest possible prize is the largest of all, a whopping $10,000. It is not uncommon for the payouts to be so large because this is one of the faster playing slot games in the slots business.

In order to tell if a win is worth it, you will want to look at what symbols are on the reels. On a queen game, the symbols on the reels are either an A, B, or C. If the symbols are an A, the chances of hitting a jackpot of a certain size are high. It is also common to find an A combined with another symbol, such as C or D. This signifies that you have an even chance to hit that jackpot. However, the payouts for these symbols are relatively small, especially compared to the huge sums of money you can win.

For the bonus rounds of the game, there are additional symbols on the reels. In addition to the standard symbols for a normal slot machine, the bonus symbols are ones that add special prize money to your bankroll. For the first three rows, there are two symbols to choose from: a skull and a castle. Each symbol corresponds to one of the three highest paid prizes in the slots game; a royal or a golden skull with a purple background, and a golden skull or castle with a white background. The throne, which is the fourth slot prize in the game, only comes with one of these symbols.

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